Dr. Michael P. Tomaro

The Institute for Human Factors & Michael P. Tomaro, Ph.D. proudly present Flying in the Comfort Zone Therapeutic Learning for Fearful Fliers

The lessons in this book are about helping your heart to know what your head already knows—that flying is the safest form of transportation  known to humanity.

     It is also about freedom: the freedom to choose, the freedom to share experiences with the ones you love, and the freedom to build a life—not on avoidance and regret, but rather on the foundation of self-mastery and wonderful memories. Once you allow yourself to view creation “from a distance,” the World “up close” will never be quite the same. I say to you, my reader, that the effort you put into mastering the lessons in this book will be returned to you a thousand-fold. — Michael P. Tomaro

Thirty years of helping people achieve
the freedom to fly, and then the freedom from fear.

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