CE Certification The Institute for Human Factors is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer 12 CE credits for the completion of this program. Return Policy If for any reason you decide to not complete this course you may return the book, undamaged, and receive a full refund. If you have damaged or marked up your book, you may still receive a refund of $100, so long as you have not attempted to complete the final exam. If you believe there are exceptional circumstances for not completing the program, even after you have attempted to take the exam, please contact our office. We will do everything possible to help you receive at least a partial refund. Grievance Procedure The Institute for Human Factors maintains an independent Grievance Committee for all complaints that are not resolved to the satisfaction of the recipient. Upon request, the names and contact information of this committee will be provided. Final Comments The staff of the Institute for Human factors are excited to offer this CE course to all practicing clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals who encounter fearful fliers in their respective practices. Dr. Tomaro has been conducting fear of flying treatment since 1981. His work in the Milwaukee Community has been frequently recognized by both broadcast and print media. It is with great pride that the profession of psychology can be seen as the leader in providing solutions for this often difficult and tragic anxiety disorder. It is our hope that psychologists around the country will begin to use the concepts and procedures taught in Flying in the Comfort Zone, bringing widespread service to countless individuals seeking relief from their fear of flying.

Michael P. Tomaro, Ph.D.

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