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                    No work is completed in isolation. While my name is on the cover of this book, it
                    would never have been created without the individuals listed below.

                    To Jeff Parnau, for the blessing of his friendship, interest, and expertise in the
                    revision of this manuscript.

                    To Pat Rowe, Director of Public Relations at General Mitchell International Airport,
                    for showing the trust and confidence in me to offer a Fearful Fliers Program to the
                    public under the authority of the airport.

                    To my many fearful fliers whose faith and trust allowed me to learn the lessons
                    necessary to help them find the freedom they worked so hard to achieve.

                    To the entire Milwaukee staff of United Airlines, United Express, and Midwest
                    Airlines for the professional and caring manner with which they have handled
                    countless numbers of “graduation flights” between Milwaukee and Chicago, and
                    between Milwaukee and Kansas City. Only with this type of service and support
                    are classes for fearful fliers possible.

                    To DiAnn (Lanke) Stasik, Katie Bales, and Al Liebman, M.D., for their help and
                    encouragement during the earlier years of the class.

                    To Thomas G. Stampfl, Ph.D., my major professor at the University of Wisconsin-
                    Milwaukee for instruction and insights that have lasted a lifetime.

                    To Samuel B. Black, M.D. for his patience and expertise as I pursued training in
                    psychoanalysis during my early years as a psychologist.

                    To my children, Gina and Lisa (Na & Sa), of whom I am very proud.

                    To Sandy Ruka for her many warm welcomes and her loving, light-hearted

                    To my late mother and father, Dorothy May and Michael Joseph, for providing me
                    with a rare gift – themselves – which I hope I have lived to deserve.
                                                                                                – mpt

                                                                                              Flying in the Comfort Zone, i
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