Page 11 - Comfort Zone Sample Chapter
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A Practice Memory Wheel

              Make copies of this page if you wish, so you can experiment with multiple situations. In area 1,
              write the situations, perceptions, and emotions relating to an event. In area 2, write the choices
              you may have had as the event unfolded. In area 3, write the actions you took (or feel you should
              have taken). In area 4, write the probable consequences of your actions.

                       1.                    Illustration 10-6                                     2.



                     4.                                                                            3.
                                              Consequences         Actions

            in a manner that produced pleasant conse-           emotions, choices, behavior, consequences) you
            quences. The pleasant consequences in turn re-      tried to exert your self control. If you find that you
            duced his fear and anger by allowing him to see     spent the greater amount of time trying to control
            some concern on the part of the gate agent as       your emotions or your consequences, you must ex-
            well as to understand the nature of the delay in    ert your efforts on different areas of life’s elements.
            greater depth. By beginning a new life event (cir-  You should certainly not give up attempts to control
            cumstance) with less fear, this fearful/angry flier   your behavior.
            is well on his way to managing the flight delay in   You should, however, place more energy in the
            as comfortable a manner as possible under the       area of choices and circumstances than you have
            circumstances.                                      in the past. In aviation, you have very limited con-
              Imagine the thousands of life events which oc-    trol over your circumstances. If you choose to fly,
            cur during the course of a day. As an exercise,     control over your circumstances will be limited to
            I encourage you to list on paper five distinct life   schedules, weather, airports, airlines etc. If you
            events that have occurred in the last week. See     find some circumstances more fearful (and anger
            if you can understand where in the sequence of      producing) than others, try and choose the circum-
            life elements (e.g. circumstances, perceptions,     stances that offer the least upsetting elements.
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