Page 12 - Comfort Zone Sample Chapter
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Practice making choices and direct control over your   (Illustration 10-6) as an aid in achieving a picture of
         actions in the less challenging environments first. With  where you might make changes that will be helpful in
         positive consequences completing numerous events      controlling your anger and your behavior. Remember,
         you will become more capable of the more challeng-    invest your energy heavily in the choice and action
         ing flight situations.                                elements of the wheel. Mother Nature will take care of
          I encourage you to use the blank Life Event Wheel    the rest!

                                              Lesson Summary

                             • It is very important to under-      • The fearful/angry flier must in-
                            stand that feeling angry and be-     crease his/her choices in order to
                            having in a belligerent and angry    act without belligerence and abuse
                            manner are two distinct elements of  in a frightening situation.
                            human behavior. It is quite possible   • By acting in a manner that cre-
                            in a life event to feel angry without   ates positive consequences, the
                            behaving in a belligerent and angry   fearful/angry flier will become both
                            manner.                              less afraid and less angry.

                             • It is always important, regard-     • It is important to exert efforts
                            less of our circumstances, that we   at change in the choice and ac-
                            choose the most effective action     tion part of the Life Event Wheel.
                            for any situation, regardless of how   Self understanding will change the
                            angry we may feel.                   way a situation is perceived, which
                             • Fear turns into anger when        in turn will eventually change the
                            there is no place left to run. The   way we feel about a situation or
                            fearful/angry flier has had many life   circumstance.
                            events in which he or she felt there   • Control of muscle tension lev-
                            was no place left to run. Because    els and breathing will change the
                            of this, when an unexpected event    way we feel by creating different
                            occurs in the flight environment     consequences.
                            that causes the emotion of fear, it
                            quickly turns into the self protective   • Practice and repetition are im-
                            emotion of anger.                    portant in order to build many Life
                                                                 Events with positive consequences.
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