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Introduction                                        essary, I have clearly defined your tasks. I believe

                                                                 that once you see how to control certain fears,
                                                                 your fear of flying will soon be history.
                     hat is the Comfort Zone? It is that          Every fearful flier (whether mild, moderate or
                     place where the feelings in your heart      severe) will find relevant material to master in the
            Ware consistent with what your head                  text of this course. The more you learn and mas-
             knows. Every fearful flier knows that flying is     ter the material presented, the less intense your
             the safest form of transportation in existence.     fear reactions in airplanes will become.
             The problem is that the heart does not feel this     I always advise my students to learn all of the
             safety when in or around an airplane.               material in this text first before judging their re-
              This book is about transforming the knowl-         sults in the aviation environment. If you ask, “Am
             edge in your head into the feelings in the heart.   I cured yet?” before comprehending all of the
             It does so by giving you accurate information for   concepts presented, chances are you will dilute
             your mind to comprehend, and then explaining        the usability of the material in its entirety by de-
             how to use this information to communicate with     pending too heavily upon a single element of the
             your heart. As you progress in this journey to-     material.
             wards the Comfort Zone, the miracle of flight will
             then be transformed, in your mind, from a curse      As you practice the lessons in this text, you will
             to a blessing.                                      find your mind using them in the aviation environ-
                These lessons represent the narrated and         ment in an increasingly automatic manner. As
             illustrated version of the course I have been       this happens, the benefits to yourself and those
             teaching at General Mitchell International Airport   around you will be immense. An entire world will
             for more than 25 years. The material is appro-      open to you. You will experience new self-con-
             priate for fliers with fears at all levels of inten-  fidence and self-knowledge. You will participate
             sity. Everything you will read here has evolved     freely – and enthusiastically – in a technology
             from my course, which has helped countless          and an adventure that was only a dream as re-
             numbers of fearful fliers reach the Comfort         cently as 100 years ago.
              The lessons are intended to provide certain         The miracle of flight will then be trans-
             basic, easy-to-learn facts and mental images        formed from a curse to a blessing.
             that will, in a large majority of cases, increase
             your comfort level. Where memorization is nec-

           I’ve been afraid
           to fly for years.                      These
          Is there anything                     lessons are                       Freedom
           I can do to help                    thorough and                       flight 001
               myself?                         easy to learn.                     – contact        I wish they
                                              They could be                       departure
                                               the help you                        control.         could see
                                                  need!                                              me now!

                           The lessons in this book are designed to help you transform,
                           in your mind, the miracle of flight from a curse to a blessing.

                                                                                             Flying in the Comfort Zone, 1
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