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Illustration 10-2
              I hope the
             Captain talks          I hope
              to us a lot.        there’s no      I hope we have
                                 turbulence.        a nice flight
                                                       crew.              I hope we’re
                                                                            on time!

                                                       I hope we
                                                       make our

                                                              I hope I don’t            Hopes and expectations
                                                                get stuck               are high prior to a flight,
                            I hope I don’t                     sitting with a           which means the potential
                                                                                        for frustration and
                               get sick.                           jerk.                disappointment are also

           and disappointment are equally high.                Functional Memory
             Let’s use illustration 10-3 to compare the re-
           actions of the non-fearful flier, the fearful flier    Just about every expert in the psychology of
           and the fearful/angry flier under circumstances     human behavior portrays life as moving forward
           of frustration/and or disappointment.               in circular fashion. I will present here my own little
             We can all agree here that the flight situ-       twist on this portrayal, after which we will apply it
           ation portrayed is common one in aviation.          to the fearful/angry flier.
           Among a group of passengers, however, there           Borrowing from chemistry for a moment, we can
           will be dramatically different reactions. Since     view a behavior or an emotion as only one piece
           all would agree on the nature of the delay (a       in the make-up or structure of an “event.” We can
           mechanical problem) the differences occur in        represent an event in circular fashion with four
           the meaning attached to the delay by each           distinct, but related parts. We can then trace the
             The non-fearful flier reacts to the frustration               How Memory Happens
           of the delay in the most neutral manner. The
           worst he sees is the necessity to fill the time    1.                No      Illustration 10-3    2.
           (perhaps as a way of coping with impending                         Control                More
           boredom). The fearful flier views the mechani-        Control
           cal problem as the beginning of a chain of                                               Control
           events that will lead to disaster. She reacts                          Emotions
           with fear (and perhaps helplessness).                          Perceptions
             The fearful and angry flier reacts to the de-      No
           lay first with fear, but then follows quickly with   Control  Situations        Choices
           anger over what he sees as the neglect of the
           mechanics in charge of the aircraft’s mainte-
           nance. It will be the central lesson of this les-
           son that the manner in which both the fearful                                  Actions
           flier and the angry flier deal with their emo-                  Consequences
           tional reactions will decide whether the emo-
           tions continue, perhaps to the point of expres-                                            Most
           sion, or lessen in intensity. Since this lesson is        No
           about the fearful/angry flier we will apply the        Control                            Control
           lesson to him first.                               4.                                             3.
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