How to Take This Program The following steps will deliver 12 CE credits to your CE file: After clicking on Purchase Program at right, you will be taken to the order page. You will need to complete all required data as indicated. Complete your payment information. If you do not wish to use a charge or debit card you will have the option of paying by check. You will receive the copy of your book within five days of your online application or within five days of the receipt of your check. Read and study the book. When you feel you are ready to take the examination, log on using your email and use the Contact page to request an email containing your password. If you score 80% or better on the exam, you will referred to an evaluation form which you must complete before you receive your certificate. After you complete the evaluation form, your certificate will be printed automatically. If you do not pass the examination, you may take it as often as necessary to complete the course.

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